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Феромоны любви
Ты уйдешь
Ты мое все
Точка на карте
Твои слова
Одной ночи мало
Моё сердце
Кто сказал

Petal – Stardust lyrics

The stardust in you is so evident.
I wish I could kiss every speck of it.
Remnants of The Beginning now that we are at the end.
You’re skeptical of sentiment.

Now we’ve made our way through each other.
Now we’re left with no clothes, making mistakes and getting guarded.
I can’t say I didn’t love you.

Now we’re living in shitty apartments with mismatched dishes, unlike our parents.
Maybe we’d make good parents?
Maybe not, I can’t say.
I can’t say I didn’t love you.

Under streetlight, you are forever mine.

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