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Stuck Mojo – Tears Lyrics

Tears Lyrics

All that money there shouldn’t be no tears, dry your eyes sfter so many tries.

Celebrity status you’re the saddest, wasn’t that O.J. case one of the maddest?!

Fallen stars disregard, some lead by example, others go too far.

Until behind bars was in the realm of untouchables but you got touched now shut up!

There’s only so many, there’s only so many, there’s only so many tears that you can cry.

Design buy a higher being cry and whine, but nobody’s dropping.
Bang bang biggie Tupac the bully master scheme

Dime feel no sorrow cause they knew they weren’t promised tomorrow
Propaganda wrecking you like Panzers

But like the desert fox you can be destroyed.

Sneaking up on you like the Trojans did Troy.

We couldn’t trust Marv like the barber named Floyed?!
There’s only so many, there’s only so many, there’s only so many tears that you can cry.

Cry baby cry, dry your lying eyes

Cry baby cry, with every tear I fear

Cry baby cry, what a nice try

Cry baby cry, what’s that in your eye?

A lie formulating, you’ve been busted this time!

There’s only so many, there’s only so many, there’s only so many tears that you can cry.

Stormwitch – Jonathan’s Diary Lyrics

Jonathan’s Diary Lyrics

Dark, strange Transylvania
Mysterious land
Where the Death’s close at hand
The journey has come to an end
The coach arrives at the castle
He gets out and stares
Up the tumble-down stairs
The walls are veiled in gloomy air

He’s standing at the gate
Beyond someone’s appearing
Whispering: "I have been waiting
Enter of your own accord
Eat and drink, tell me
Something ’bout your land
I’m interested in England
Show me the plans you have brought"

"Now, it’s time to retire
I think that you need
A rest that is deep!"
But Jonathan can’t fall asleep
Fog ascends from the valley
There is no doubt
The wolves roam about, with flames
In their eyes they swarm out

Nightmares strangle his neck
Make his heart scared
He’s turning about while
A voice blares: "Don’t think
That you are still free!"
No key to open the door
There is no key to leave this
Damned castle at once, he knows
That there’s no chance to flee

Jonathan’s diary, Jonathan’s diary

Now a new day is dawning
The sky is aglow, my diary knows
The things that have happened ago
Watch out for his shadow
His fingers of ice
The greed in his eyes
He is the bat in disguise

Warning, with the help of the
Gipsy he’s leaving, the coffins
Are gone, he’s intending
To get to a new hunting-ground
London, watch out
His hunger’s abandoned
There is no use if you run and
Hide yourself you will be found

Jonathan’s diary, Jonathan’s diary

J.r. Writer – Freestyle(reloaded) Lyrics

Freestyle(reloaded) Lyrics

i got what you need,
from the water to the smack(smack)
record her to a pack ship to florida then back
im sorta just a mac
see your daughter its a rap
ima bag her like i caught her in the act
record her in a act while she throwin the top,
put her on tape and call my niggas over to watch
im from a place where you’ll get merked
over your watch
dont think so doggie come over and watch(uhh)
a couple soldiers with glocks
fifth and sum pumps
flip and just front
you’ll get what you want
leave you stff in the trunk
round here, you’ll get wasted and i dont mean twisted or drunk
or in the hospital stiff for some months
youre all wired up now you cant sit and just munch
you’ll be sippin your lunch
no more snicker bars, babe ruthes, twizlers and crunch
the dips get it crunk
up up some money
f**k it im hungry
rowe boats snuck in the country
lookin for ice and cream not ice cream
im talking bout cream dat stack ice dat gleam
climbed a couple montains, hikes and streams
type and jeans made up of rice and beans
avacato plantains is not a damn game
drop 350 same color as champaigne
im movin work
you not in the keys
posted losin weight, like i got a diseasee
every fein, head spotted and spreeze
sellin this powder but got it in leaves
i plot over seas
you down in a alley
im down in the alley
down in the alley
deminishin and finishin the public
if you aint know dawg dats the dominican republic
u feelin get ur mug lift
f**king with me
i leave u stuck in the V
like dusted the Eve
cuz dawg
im ahead of ya
lil competitors
an animal a hanibal
predator excetera

Anathallo – Kasa No Hone (The Umbrella’s Bones) Lyrics

Kasa No Hone (The Umbrella’s Bones) Lyrics

Karakasa no hone wa
Bara bara
Kamya yaburete mo
Take ni sotaru
En ja mo
Mis’re nasaru na
Nambo watashi ga
Yaburete mo
Us’te shon shon

Translation of Japanese:
The ribs of the umbrella
Have fallen apart;
The paper is also torn,
But with bamboo
Tied together.
Do not throw it away.
Though I
Also am torn,

V6 – Orange Lyrics

Orange Lyrics

At the corner of the spacious sky,
I saw the color of the city reborn
I can’t hear your voice
because we’ve been so much matured

For whom is that bell chimes?
I am standing still on my way back

Frightened in this absolute darkness,
wondering when I could find the detour
The gentle dancing wind is shaking
both the trees at roadside and my heart

When will we meet again?
Smiling, I just wave my hand to you

If only I could turn the clock’s hand and return the
time to yesterday
What will you inform right now to me who keep on

That very same question is endlessly repeated
by the sleeping orange-colored sun

My slightly chilled hands are
carrying a soul that belongs to no one
Still this excited chest is
concealing the words that can’t e fully conveyed

From here to somewhere as the destination
This night a ship is boarding for a new trip

The clock’s hand is gently keep on shredding the time

See, my unstoppable ringing pulse is piled up
If only the countless wish buried me
even these infinite holes could be felt dearly
Passing through those childish season
The sleeping orange-colored sun