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Nicki Minaj Hoodstars Associate 7even-Up Shot In His Head

Nicki Minaj former Hoodstars member 7even-Up was shot multiple times including in his head.

The Young Money MC is currently praying for her longtime friend and former member of the rap group she was once a part of, Hoodstars. 7even-Up, whose real name is Jaquin Royall, was shot multiple times all over his body including bullet wounds to his head in the Coney Island area earlier this month. Luckily he survived the attempted murder and was rushed to a local hospital where he has been getting treatments.

Royall is also facing some legal troubles because police found an illegal gun in his possession on the scene of the shooting. Whether or not that gun is linked to any crime is not yet known, but he could face with gun charges which carry years in prison. Details about the shooting are still sketchy, but sources say he was leaving a bar in the area when he was ambushed.

Before landing a record deal with Young Money/Cash Money, Nicki Minaj and her now ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels, were members of a rap group out of New York name Hoodstars. The group comprised of four members who use to perform at clubs and parties around Queens and Brooklyn. The group was later disbanded and Nicki set out to pursue her own solo career.

Kat Dahlia – If I Knew Lyrics

[Verse 1]
It’s been weeks since you don’t sleep at home
You and me, we were inseparable
Who knew you would be so cynical?
The damage done is irreversable

But If I knew you’d make it so hard
I would’ve never ever begged you to stay
And If I knew you’d make it so hard
I would’ve never ever begged you to stay ay ay
I woulda never ever begged you to stay, yeah ay ay ay ay ay

[Verse 2]
It’s been weeks since we have even spoke
Are you feeling any kind of sorrow? Silent sorrow?
If you would just acknoledge how I feel
Then we could re-negotiate the deal
But you got up and you cleared the closets
Never thought you’d go and leave
I guess you were one to try and fix this as bad as me, ay ay

But If I knew you’d make it so hard
I would’ve never ever begged you to stay
Yeah If I knew you’d make it so hard
I would’ve never begged you to stay ay ay
I woulda never ever begged you to stay, yeah ay ay ay ay ay

[Verse 3]
Oh my girl, she wanna lie to me
Oh my girl, she made us a tragedy
Oh my girl, she’s tryna run away
Oh my girl, like a fool I been broke ever since you went away ay ay

But If I knew you’d make it so hard
I would’ve never ever begged you to stay
Yeah If I knew you’d make it so hard
I would’ve never begged you to stay ay ay
I woulda never ever begged you to stay, yeah ay ay ay ay ay

Willow Smith – Bastard Lyrics

And now making his live debut, Basterd The Antichrist

I know that it hurt living alone, by yourself
Through the [?]
I know that it’s hard being the one
Catching [?] to see the [?]
I know it ain’t easy
I know they disturb
But if you just stick with me
We can learn to love

And I’m not talking romance
I’m talking about real stuff
And if you just stick with me
We can learn, we can learn

We’ll wake them up (wake up, wake up, wake up)
We’ll wake them up (wake up, wake up, wake up)
Wake up!

And I know that it’s a mask this person that you were
And I know it’s a task trying to pretend like you care
And I know you’re not perfect
I know I’m too tough
But if you just stick with me, we can learn to love
And I know that’s not easy
And I know that’s too tough
But if you just stick with me, we can both wake up
We both wake up

Wake them up (wake up, wake up, wake up)
Wake up!
Wake them up (wake up, wake up, wake up)

We’ll make them see injustice
Make them see our pain
And because of this sickness, they will look away
Make them see our darkness
Make them see our truth
And if you just stick with me, we’ll make them all see you
All see you

They’ll all see
They’ll all see

Drake – Diplomatic Immunity Lyrics

Diplomatic immunity, fuck ’em
All that peace and that unity
All that weak shit’ll ruin me, fuck ’em, yeah
‘Cause niggas started talkin’ to me like I’m slowin’ down
Opinions over statistics, of course
Gassed off journalistic
Come at me and all you’ll get is the ballistic report
Booked a private room at Wylie’s, waiter twistin’ the cork
I got multi-colored rings like the Olympics, of course
At award shows, cuttin’ through the tension, of course
Girls huggin’ me then askin’ me, “What scent that is, boy?”
I be walkin’ around the Six like I invented it, boy
Yeah, who am I? The do or die
The one with the fewest lies and the truest ties
They try to compare us
But like a job straight outta high school there’s no you and I
I taught you everything you know, now you got student pride
All factual, I call the house “the embassy”
The studio “the chapel”, I hate to travel
I just pulled up on Solana show, the girl’s a natural
I knew her way back when Hollywood was international
Yeah, the furthest I’ve been, that’s word to my ends
Word to the flags that belong in the hood of my Benz
Very presidential, I broke all the codes for zonin’ in my residential
I broke spirits that I never meant to
My body isn’t much of a sacred temple, with vodka and wine
And sleep at the opposite times
Promise shit is gettin’ outta line like when you make a stencil
Or gettin’ outta line like when you break a pencil
Violatin’ the Treaty of Versailles
Champagne is the alias, but no cease and desist in I
I refuse to comply with regulations
I listen to heavy metal for meditation, no silence
Like Sanders on the Detroit Lions
Get a run around and I’ll bury you where they won’t find ya
Motor City Casino, I’m at the cage with my old license
They tell me “don’t worry, I got your money” like Osirus
(I’m the Osiris of this shit)
Dirty 30, workin’ on me
Tired of women that may tag me in pictures airin’ my dirty laundry
Caterin’ is from Giorgio Baldi, Robyn’s favorite
Shit is nice, but I prefer Madeo
Calamari rings and tomato
I got the sauce and now shorties keep claimin’ preggo
Wakin’ up at 6 PM like, “Where does the day go?”
Forecastin’ tornadoes, brainstormin’ retaliation at dinner tables
2010 was when I lost my halo
2017 I lost a J. Lo
A Rotterdam trip had me on front page though
I had to lay low, Hot Topic like your everyday clothes
Closed off but I could never stay closed
Billboard awards, I claimed 13 out in Vegas like Sureños
Black excellence, but I guess when it comes to me it’s not the same though, all goodie
That just pushed me to do the things we all couldn’t
Niggas stakin’ out the crib, it’s all gravy
Protection that God gave me
Shit is complex like short niggas ’round tall ladies
I gotta watch who I’m talkin’ to like it’s all-ages
I’ve seen buddin’ careers turn to sit around and talk about other careers, judgin’ their peers
Knowledge from niggas who did not contribute to none of this here
Cover my ears, my security government tier
Yeah, advance the venue so we know the exits
Check the guest list
If opps make an appearance at least it’s expected
Tell ‘em I don’t wanna link like a broken necklace
I’ll be in better company with my own reflection
Mirror, mirror, on the ceilin’ of my suite in the Royal Palace
The TV playin’ Al Jazeera
Inshallah, I hope the mission keeps on gettin’ clearer
Whenever, wherever, OVO will always be together like Shakira

I love, I love
I love, I love it
Baby, I

Rick Ross Shuts Down Baby Mama Tia Kemp After She Calls Him A Bad Father

Rick Ross shut down his baby mama Tia Kemp after she ousted him as a bad father.

Rozay posted a picture of himself and his beautiful daughter and Kemp immediately posted a few messages on her IG story ousting the rap mogul as a bad father. She wanted to know why he hasn’t visited their son in over six months. Usually Rick Ross ignore her rants on social media about him but this time it seems she struck a chord when she brought his close friend and former manager Black Bo, who passed away in December, into their feud.

“You would think after finding ya best friend Black dead n ya crib last month would make u wanna cleanse ya heart,” she wrote. “But the ppl around u won’t tell u wats right So I will.. U riding with the Devil.” Sources told us that didn’t sit well with Rock Ross who felt like she is being a thorn in his side for months and its now time to put her in her place.

“Seems everytime I post a picture of me with my beautiful daughter, she always has some negative energy, so I want to clear this up,” Ross said. “Just because her mother beat your ass she has nothing to do with that, take that ass whooping like a champ that ain’t got nothing to do with her… It’s all love you can’t feed all of your ten siblings off my little man.”

Rick Ross daughter and Tia Kemp got into a fight a few years back so perhaps that was what Rozay was referring to. The MMG rapper and his baby mama had a previous running in October last year.

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