Well Damn: Sims 4 Modder Created “Basemental” Where You Can Buy Drugs!

Filip has been working on Basemental, a drug-themed mod for The Sims 4. It includes four different drugs; cocaine, MDMA, amphetamines and weed, that Sims can buy, sell and use. In order to use it, you make a sim with the “Drug Dealer” trait and move them into your neighborhood to act as an NPC that other Sims can buy from. Sims can also buy from the the Dark Web on their computers. Once Sims have drugs in their inventory they can use them, sometimes autonomously. Sims experience both the peaks and valleys of drug use. They’ll get high, but also come down and have hangovers. They can have fatal and non-fatal overdoses and form addictions.
Posted By Joe

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