Jesse Jagz – Nigerian Gangster Lyrics

[Intro – {Mr. Wallace & Min. Farrakhan}]
{Mr. Wallace: You go to Nigeria, which is, if not the most corrupt nation in Africa and it is, it could be the most corrupt nation in the world, Minister Farrakhan

Min. Farrakhan: Oh now, Mr Wallace ..

Mr. Wallace: It is the most corrupt nation that I have ever covered, I have been there 25 years ago and I’ve been there as recently as last year.}

[Verse 1]
He walks into the spot
See us pimping every stops, Cranberry and ciroc
Shots chilling on them rocks
He listens for the cops, he can hear the ticking of the clocks
Its a tale of a chicken and a fox
Hands still shaking from the Shotgun
Each and every stops, intuition on top
Kitchen is at locks, still listen if anybody knocks
Vision never stops how he never listen to his Pops
But now, he wishing he was ready for the mission
He was too young to listen
Guns gone missing
He on the Television, from New York to Briston
One hell of a mission, even on the intermission
Now, give it up for that Nigerian Gangster
You move too fast, they might blast ya
Streets is after, Police they might catch ya
It’s a fact, the next man be your actor
Too hard to capture, back-door contractor
Cruise in a Mazda, chased by the LASTMA
Pace getting faster, plate say Alaska
Registration is a fake from Madagascar
Ungrateful .. He unfaithful
Do anything he paid to
When everybody hates you
It’s a wonder how he make-do
They too late to underrate you
I’m talking M, talking Ice, talking Wizzy
Too hot for TV, believe me is easy
I’m talking Jazzy .. I’m talking Banky
I’m talking Nigerian swag, I’m talking Swanky
Now, eff you, this is the chapter
The Captain and Master, Nigerian Gangster
Can’t see me, all you hear is my laughter
Gold is what I’m after, silver and alabaster
I’mma bastard, I’mma goon, I’mma Pastor
See I’m a real G, I’mma actor
Contractor, we move bricks like a tractor
I’mma singer, producer and I’m a rapper
I’m talking VEC, I’m talking Phyno
I’m talking Olamide, I’m talking Gino
I’m talking English, I’m talking Nigerian Lingo
I ain’t fvckin’ around, baby girl, I’m talking Mandingo

Uhn, Let it bounce, let it breathe
Eh, I’m talking real shady business, uh
Too hot for TV, Believe me
Motherfvcker, pimping ain’t easy

[Verse 2]
Here’s to the dream, to the green-white-green
All hail the machine, and pray to the queen, yea
Urh! From Saudi Arabia to Greece, peace
I pray, let your favour increase
And chains on our feet, slaves from the east
Stay for the feast and make way for the beast
Mary Jane that I keeps, is AK for the streets
I’mma lay in my sheets, everyday plenty weeks
It’s murder, O.J. when I creeps
Dre on the beats, it’s okay for the Fruits
I hustle in my dreams, no play when I sleep
Monday to Sunday, I need more days of the week
Now, here’s still the dream, I’m awake when I sleep
I ache in my feet and I’mma take, I’mma keep, urhn!
Now tell me, are you fake or you deep?
Are you great, are you weak, are you ape, or you sheep? yea
Uh! Now, get ready for the beast, uh
The whole earth gon’ shake when I speaks, whoo!
There’s a earth-quake in my sheets
The earth bakes from the snakes and the creeps
Heard, they was waiting for Jacob’s defeat, yea
I heard it was a major retreat at bay on my bay just to age in your fleet
For, I am made stronger he was made to be weak
I came to scorch him, I tamed the scorpion
Million thanks to Compton, Spain to Austin
Ukraine to Boston, God damn I’m awesome
My flow smoother than Johnson’s and Johnson
Now, here’s to the Captain and the Master
To e-very Nigerian Gangster
As love gets colder, light shine all over
It’s a story of a Soldier, five stars on my shoulder
Born in a vision, a extra celestial life form is living in the foetal position
Mama always told me, said life is a mission
But it’s my decision, I was too young to listen
I read what was written, surely it was forbidden
For loving in its religion, it came down in the form of a dove and a pigeon
See, I’m in a prison, conscripted in the system
I rose to the division, oh fvck it

“Shout out to all the Nigerian Gangsters worldwide
That’s what it is”

{Farrakhan: Fine! So what? 35 years old, that’s what that nation is; now, here is America 226 years old, you love Democracy? But there in Africa, you trynna force these people into a system of government that you just have accepted 30 years ago; black folk got the right to vote ..
You’re not in any moral position to tell anybody how corrupt there are. You should be quiet, and let those of us who know our people, go there and help them get out of that condition, but America should keep her mouth shut where ever there’s a corrupt regime as much hell as America has raised on the earth.}