Amy Rigby – Rode Hard Lyrics

I could ruin my reputation around here

But this town don’t know me from eve

Somebody put something in the water

I swear i only had one beer

Maybe i’d better leave

I walk these streets with a dazed expression

Hey ain’t you got somewhere you’re supposed to be

Every prank phone call and minor insurrection

Sin, bad check, heck, they can pin it all on me

Rode hard and put away wet

Driven round the bend

Got far down as i could get

But i’m going back out again

A person could get their hand blown off reaching

There’s some things you really shouldn’t touch

A guy told me that i was asking for trouble

I had to kick his ass, i didn’t like it much

A girl gets tired of doing all this for nothing

You look around and everyone’s got retirement funds

They’re all socking away saving for the future

While i buy shoes, shave my legs and see how fast i can run

Rode hard and put away wet…

It’s way too dark in this old stall

I can’t find a pen to write my number on the wall

Yeah i got brains and a good hair conditioner

I wanna be ready when they take that aerial shot

Went by the parish house last night for dinner

Lively conversation but the food was not so hot

And what’s there to look forward to but ice cream and t.v

I’d like to meet the man giving milk a bad name

Peeking in windows at different happy families

While the lonely so and so’s y’know

We all look the same

Rode hard and put away wet…