Cities Aviv – Perpetuate The Real Lyrics

[Verse 1: Cities Aviv]

Just lay me lower than the digital life
Ground burial with pixelated renders of my
Faded metaphysical life
Still keep conscious
Pussy so divine I dive in deep longer
Submersive puddles we be layin’
But if you think I’m nasty I ain’t playin’
I’m just giving you the basics girl
So just coast baby, no waves
I can tell you not no basic by the way that you be
Telling me your body got them tastes
Like chocolate strawberries that you copped at Super 8
I wonder what now it is
I wonder what year it was
We fell into a bliss, and started to give a f**k
As long as you give a f**k
Hit me through the void, via text message
No emoji’s, run emotion over punctuation
I’m just sayin’
Gotta perpetuate the real

These people claimin’ that they stars
But I couldn’t tell
There ain’t no Google definition
For the way you feel
Don’t ask, just act
Cos you know the deal
So regardless still
Perpetuate the real

So real man…