Palm Trees & Power Lines – Control Lyrics

We’ve come a long way
So let’s make this time count
We’re not going home
We’d rather shout our lungs out
You can’t tell us all how to be
Going all night is not something we take lightly

So let’s lose control
Let’s lose control
The sky is the limit when we lose control

I don’t wanna hear your lecture
I’m tired of the talk and pressure
Come on, come on!
It’s now or never
It’s time to get my friends together

Woah, hands up if you just don’t care
Woah, throwing down like a billionaire

The never ending night ain’t stopping
Forget about the neighbors knocking
Come on, come on!
Everybody’s rocking
On and on and on, ’til the break of dawn

Someone please tell me now
Why I’ve been sinking
Cause I know that I have been thinking
We could all be so much more