Soulchef – It’s Alright Lyrics (feat. Awon & Dephlow)

Verse 1: Dephlow
Yeah, check it, it’s alright to be you be a boss or not
If you the MVP or your call get dropped
It’s alright if you trap, sell, dope or pills
Shit I can’t knock the hustle for the grocery bills
All good if you work grind 9 to 5
Or if you’re in between jobs just trying to survive
It’s alright if you’re not wealthy
I see the beauty in the struggle but the jealousy is not healthy
It’s okay to be yourself and yourself leave your likes on the gram never did shit to help me (help me)
I can’t help with your self esteem
But I dealt with my shit and never felt this clean
It’s all good to get free if your soul is trapped
Cuz it’ll take a whole nation to hold us back
It was a whole generation that sold us crack
Free from whips and chains then they sold us back
It’s like that

Verse 2: Awon
It’s alright if you’re not perfect
We all got flaws and well be the same on the surface
It’s alright if you got a purpose
Rapping and trapping the nurse and it’s alright cuz you’re working
It’s alright to do you in ever instance
Great ideas get met with resistance
It’s alright if you got a vision
Cuz I envision escaping from the mental prison
I see the pictures, wide angle need a different frame
A big fish in the pond you can keep the game
SoulChef on the beat I don’t speak the same
And Word Is Bond I Don’t Sleep I don’t need the fame
It’s alright to seek knowledge ask Dephlow
We break mics in your dollars like Creflo
It’s alright to live it up, don’t waste your time
Life is short so don’t never let em take your shine