Soulchef – The Rest Of My Life Lyrics

Intro: Awon
Yeah, it’s Awon, Tiff The Gift, SoulChef, Goon Trax what up

Verse 1: Awon
Innovative illustrating the method
On how to use words like weapons and SoulCheffin
Heating up a cold session with old lessons
Or how to dominate any candidate you nominate
Sophisticated like pomegranate and vodka
The Nike S B rocka, the hip a hip hoppa
Sometimes I spend reminiscing of Big Poppa
And my intricacies if you listen I get proper
My whole style is super future satortorilis
Explore the world through the common wealth I’m on the globe with this
The love I get is glorious, I’m victorious
For setting trends victorious, the people need a warrior
I’m at the higher Regency of the Astoria
Giving you more of the realness in the categoria
Hip hop genre I’m Obama
Awon, Tiff The Gift flipping scripts from the rest of this it’s

Verse 2: Tiff The Gift
Yeah, lemme tell me story, alright
I’ll die making music just to tell my story
I cater to my followers, pay homage to those before me
I’ll bow to predecessors cuz I know where I come from
I’m humble but I’ll eat a nigga whole if he wants some
I’ll never fall a victim to fads and trendy ways
Ever since I was a youth I was hungry, I had that glaze
I step on stage, the smoke gets thicker
I feel it in my soul, I got that magic and you figure
I’m far from my prime and I have yet to make my debut
When I do these niggas better wear they safe suits
Cuz touch that mic, no remorse and I will rape you
Be cool I’ll take you under my wing, just for the spring
Cuz most only last for a season
Pretty smile but when I kick it, you would swear I was a heathen
I got that fever, until I’m face up in that casket
I’ll never lose and several dudes bear witness to the madness, you faggots

Verse 3: Awon
For the rest of my life, I promise to spit savage
Way above average, the microphone is my second marriage
From the East coast out to Paris, Japan and New Zealand
Giving hip hop a new feeling
With vintage quality, so appealing
The Marvin Gaye of rap, what I’m giving you is lyrical healing
My boxcutter make you look like relatives ceiling
If you try to step to me, a floor is what you stealing
Stiff arming cats in my lane like I’m Peterson
Brett Farve with lyrical game cuz I need to win
Vegetarian, with an appetite for blood
Call me Edward Kyle cuz I’m the thug ladies love
Vampire set it on fire, burn a bitch down
Take a king’s crown, decapitate the weak live now
This is first down and goal, control on the road
See the lane fold as the Grim Reaper takes souls